Mugs - A design by Jitta Art - an Aboriginal owned and operated art gallery promoting the art and culture of the Bama people


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Jitta Art Director, Freda Masina’s operates Jitta Art in Far North Queensland, Australia and her people are the Tropical Rainforest Aboriginal (Bama) People. Her mother's language is Yidinji.

Jitta Art is all about family and a shared family heritage even if it is sometimes very different from place to place and person to person. The art presented are by artists who are the Jitta Family. Jitta connects and brings us together spiritually and artistically from many different social and cultural influences. Jitta Art believe that when you acquire one of their works, it brings with it not just a work of interest and visual appeal but the spirit of their people.

When ordering in large quantities please contact UMI Arts to discuss your order. Email:
All works are authentically created by local artist. Please allow approximately a month lead time for works to be created.